Whale Shark – Bahia de Los Angeles

I’ve been going down the peninsula of Baja for years and have yet to find those heads on sticks. Search as we may, this is all we found last trip.

A whale shark off the beach near our home at Campo Gecko, Bahia de Los angeles.

When you are in the water with them you realize how gentle these 50 foot creatures really are and how ill equipped and ungraceful we humans are in the water.

Here’s a YouTube link to this magic:


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8 thoughts on “Whale Shark – Bahia de Los Angeles

  1. Well done adding in a video link. I’m going to try that too.

  2. Just wow!

    • Baja is like that especailly when traveling on two wheels. You can get to places that still are relatively untouched. It pulls the wow factor out at almost every turn.

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