About Kenneth L. Decroo—Author, Editor, and Adventurer

Where to start?

I live with my wife, Tammy, in a house I built mostly by myself in the San Bernardino Mountain community of Running Springs, CA

Ready to head out anywhere!

Additionally, we have home in Baja, Mexico. It is about 400 hundred miles south of the border, nestled on the Sea of Cortez, in bahia de los angeles, Baja. Our place is located on a quiet little beach called Campo Gecko. So we enjoy the best of two worlds, the mountains and the beach. 

I am retired from both education and the movie business. But I keep busy as an educational consultant specializing in helping school districts make transformational change. Also, I write novels; Almost Human was released in 2015 and its sequel, Becoming Human in 2018. More about my books and articles can found at the following link: My Books. 

I hold a merchant marine officer’s commission as a U.S. Coast Guard approved Captain for vessels up to 100 tons. When I am not working at school districts, I work in the sport fishing fleet off the California and Baja Coasts.

My other interests are adventure travel, writing, editing, road and mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, and most importantly, riding motorcycles. I love riding my BMW R 1200 GSA, BMW F 650 GS, BMW F 850 GS and Russian Ural motorcycle with a sidecar on- and off-road. Tammy and I ride our adventure bikes anywhere we can camp and explore.  I’m happiest on two wheels. In fact, I just think better when riding a mt. bike or moto. 

Bahia de los angeles

Upon finishing my graduate studies, I landed a position as a research assistant at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Washoe Project which focused on teaching American Sign Language (ASL) to chimpanzees. I worked mainly as the language consultant in this project and spent most of my days in the company of chimpanzees.

Ken with Moja - Washoe project. Signing chimpanzee
Ken with Moja – Washoe signing chimpanzee project

It was extremely challenging work and I continued with it until I was approached by a CBS production company to join them as a technical advisor and animal trainer.

I eventually built one of the largest studio animal compounds in Hollywood, the Wild Animal Training Center. It housed over 500 animals on 1,500 acres in the Santa Ana River bottom near Norco, CA.

Ken and “Right Turn” Clyde

I trained Clyde the orangutan in the Clint Eastwood movie “Any Which Way You Can.” I worked with Harrison Ford in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and went to Brazil to train the jaguars on John Boorman’s “The Emerald Forest”.

My craft took me all over the world to various film locations. I am not sure how many shows I worked on in my career but, it must have been over a 100 productions ranging from features to television commercials.

I appeared on most of the talk shows of the day including Late Night with David Letterman. I am a recipient of the coveted PATSY Award, given by the American Humane Society for my work as a chimp trainer on the television Series, Simon and Simon.

I am a writer who believes you must live a life worth writing about. I try I to that on my adventures—hence, the reason for this website and blog. 

The life I led as an animal researcher and trainer inspired me to write two novels: Almost Human and Becoming Human. I’m working on my third (between motorcycle rides), More Than Human which will complete the series I’m titling Almost Human.

Book 1 of the Almost Human Series
Book 2 of the Almost Human Series

I have traveled extensively all over the world not just as a tourist, but where I had to fit in and make a living. My graduate studies in anthropology helped me considerably to act as a participant-observer. I learned that knowing the culture of an area is every bit as important as as knowing the language.

I take this knowledge and attitude when adventure motorcycling around the world. 

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      1. As someone with an interest in all things primate I recently discovered your books. Just finished Almost human and couldn’t stop reading once I started! Well done!
        Being familiar with Project Washoe once I got into your book I soon knew that the writer had to have more than a casual interest in our closest relatives the great apes. The end of the book confirmed my suspicions but I have one question for you. I found your blog online but would like to subscribe to your newsletter but nowhere can I find a link to sign up.
        I just ordered the second book this morning so that will be my next read. Having watched everything on YouTube I can find about Oliver(suspected hybrid) I’d love to hear more about what you know about this creature. I thought that once science determined Oliver was indeed a common Chimpanzee Pan Troglodyte via chromosome analysis that was the end of going down the hybrid rabbit hole. But having been to central Washington University to see a Chimposium several years ago I have always wondered if maybe there is more than we are being told about Oliver and what he really might be. I’m a retired pilot very aware of the effort our government may make to suppress the free flow of information about subjects deemed too sensitive to broach for example UFO’S.
        Making a UFO sighting report was a career ending move for any pilot. Something I could never understand after 40+ years of aviation. I hope the truth about UFO’S is released before I die.
        Along these same lines I’d love to hear what you have to say about Oliver after your experience with the great apes.
        Thank you,
        George H.

  1. It’s a great introduction to what you’re about. I think that length probably does matter to some, which is why I signed up with for this course; however, I feel that if people are clicking on the link “about” it’s because they want to know more about the person behind the blog, so they will be more than willing to read it unless it’s War and Peace length, haha. I also have a long about but that’s why I separated it into it’s own page. I don’t know, it’s how I feel, don’t know if that’s correct but it’s the way I feel..

  2. Get out of here!! Love this “About” page, I like to get an idea of the who, what, and why of a person.
    What a full rounded life your living. Enjoy!

  3. Very kind of you to say, Jesebell. If I’ve learned anyting, it is you have to live life’s drama to get anything out it. You have a great blog as well and it is clear you’ve been busy! 🙂

  4. Wow! What an amazing life you’ve had so far and are continuing to have! Love the look of your blog. It has ‘Adventure!’ written all over it

  5. Very kind, James. I’m following your blog and from the looks of it you’ve been busy as well. Thanks for visiting my blog. I just don’t watch much TV and I’m guessing you don’t either. 🙂 Regards!

  6. Wow, great intro and great work you have done. Found you through About.me website. I moved from Mozambique as a kid after the war there, then lived in South Africa until I finished college, got married and then moved to the USA with only $3000 bucks in my pocket I still consider myself lucky for what I have. I have traveled all over the USA and all the way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. My next big trip will be Baja and then one day South America. Check my blog, I’m now going to read yours.

  7. Hello Baja Moto Quest!
    I would just like to say that I love your blog and I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! Please click on the below link, which links to the Liebster Award section of my blog, so you can start nominating and answering my questions for you! Congratulations again!

    P.S. I know you have already been nominated for an award, but since i really think your blog is great, I couldn’t help it 🙂


      1. Thanks Baja and I knew this, however, I was hoping I could nominate you for another award, as your site is awesome! I just don’t know how the award system works exactly 🙂


  8. Thank you for following:) your blog looks interesting and love your about page…very similar to one my posts…I like to illustrate things with pictures:)))

      1. Thank you, nobody ever called me an artist before:) I rely on photos too…that’s just art as well!

  9. I love that you built your house yourself. You definitely found the best of the Natural worlds… I love the mountains, the ocean, the forests. Looking forward to reading all about your adventures.

  10. Ken, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Now that I look more closely I see that you’ve been nominated before. Oh well – you deserve it.

    I like your site – you write about a variety of things and I get to “travel” with you on your adventures. You are inspiring. Here are the details: http://mariegriffith.me/support/

  11. Hello,

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  12. Sounds like you have had near the best this life has to offer! Congratulations on all your successes. I’m visiting because of dawnliz who is an admirer of your blog. Enjoyed the visit.

    1. Back at you, Susan. I think we writers have a glorious journey. We get to see through the eyes of our characters, which often gives us insight into ourselves.

      I’m reminded of the advice Hemingway, is said to have given, a young writer who asked how to become a successful writer like him. It is believed he said (paraphrased), you must first live a life worth writing about.

      I’ve always followed my passion, very often without a plan. So far, it’s working out. 🙂

      I look forward to getting to know your work.

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