Welcome to Kenneth L. Decroo’s Baja Moto Quest!

Ken with his motorbike. Image provided by Ken
Taking a break at Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja, Mexico

Welcome to Baja Moto Quest! My name is Kenneth L. Decroo (Ken). I’m a writer, editor, and adventurer who believes a writer must live a life worth writing about. Baja Moto Quest is a blog and website whose purpose is to inspire us to get off our butts and set out on dusty roads seeking bays and beaches without names—and write!

I’ve been wandering the Baja peninsula on a motorcycle for over 50 years. I just can’t stay away. I keep coming back to this magical land and its people. Baja is like a lover to me. She has the unique ability to reclaim herself by keeping the core of her character. Baja remains a constant force in my life as a writer and adventurer, and centers me in this high-speed world we live in.

Baja is where I go to unplug, reset, and write.

I hope you enjoy the postings and comments in this website and blog: Baja Moto Quest. We are a group of like-minded writers, travelers, adventurers who love to share our passion for writing, editing, and most importantly—adventuring.

I wrote two novels in Baja: Almost Human and Becoming Human, and I’m completing a third, More Than Human scheduled for release in the Spring of 2020. These three novels will makeup the Almost Human Series.

My Books: Almost Human and Becoming Human are available from the following outlets:





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Autographed copies of my novels can be ordered at the following link: My Books.

I hope you enjoy the postings and comments. We are a group of like-minded writers, travelers, adventurers. 

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I hope you enjoy Baja Moto Quest as much as I’ve enjoyed creating and maintaining it. It’s been a labor of love. I look forward to your comments and postings!


31 thoughts on “Welcome to Kenneth L. Decroo’s Baja Moto Quest!”

  1. Hiya, I am just about to press publish (!) and nominate you for the Liebster Award. I have really enjoyed seeing your adventures so far, long may they continue 🙂

      1. Not yet, but I just found them and I’m trying to convince my husband that he needs to also look into it. Thought you might be interested in checking it out.

    1. I joined and have used several of their resources. It was through them that AIA picked up my books to publish.

  2. Just found your blog via Sue Vincent’s. Love it! Is that a BMW GS you have? I had one ten years ago (1100 cc) and am thinking of returning to biking with one, again. Perfect vehicle for Baja, I would think?

  3. Hi Ken,
    Frank here, the Air Force veteran who exchanged war stories with you in your office at MPH.. I’m working on getting my Mexican citizenship with intentions on spending time there when I retire in five years. i miss my childhood experiences when I lived in Guadalajara as a kid. I have family for which I have not connected with in many years.. Many of them have made names for themselves, but I’m not really interested in that. I just want to see them again after many, many years.Funny how life makes a circle compelling us (me) to reach out to visit them.

    If you get a chance, look up Francisco Zinser. I use to play with when I was a kid. Now he’s doing well in Madrid Spain. That doe snot bode well with me as his life makes it difficulty for me to reach him.

    But your experiences in Baja makes me envious.Keep traveling and enjoying good life after making your own impact.


    1. Good to hear from you Frank. Let’s get together and I will walk you through the steps in getting premenent residency in Mexico. Warm regards!

  4. Hi, Ken. I am very happy to hear about the success of your books. I am just curious to know if there is any mention of Fritz in the books since I am not familiar with your writing? Is it something that I would relate to based on the stories I have heard in the past or more of your own personal stories? Thank you, and much continued happiness as you and Tammy keep searching out the many wonders of Baja, MX.

    1. Great to hear from you, Nina. The Almost Human Series is fiction and draws on my time as a wild animal trainer and researcher in the world of motion pictures and universities. I am planning a novel that will be set in Mexico and, of course, I will have a character based on our dad. Fritz was and is my best friend and was bigger than life. I hope all is well you guys. Warm regards, Ken

  5. Greetings Ken. I run a sanctuary for chimpanzees and orangutans who were previously used in the entertainment business. We have over 50 great apes here, and many of them came from at least 6 different California animal trainers. Popi, formerly Bobby Berosini’s orangutan, is 49 now and living here with us. I was told she was worked in Any Which Way You Can as Clyde’s girlfriend. Do you recall if that’s true? i know there were a couple orangutans who played the part of Clyde… Boone Narr trained at least one of them. Are they all still alive? Also, I recently watched the 1989 movie Animal Behavior with the chimpanzee Michael. Was he your chimp?… and is he still alive? I would love to chat with you… and you are welcome to visit our sanctuary if you are ever in Florida. Regards, Patti

  6. Almost Human is an astonishing thriller I was enthralled from the first paragraph of your book to the very last paragraph sometimes with goose bumps. Ken you are the Michelangelo of writers phenomenal to say the least. I am anxious to read your newest book when published.

  7. Ken, I just finished Almost Human. Sorry my friend that I didn’t seek it out sooner! It is a real page turner, I couldn’t put it down! The concept has some moral and ethical dilemmas as well the scientific questions raised. Well done my friend you hit it out of the park! Looking forward to indulging in the other two books.
    Well wishes for you and Tammy, safe travels, from Andrea and me.

  8. I guess your sign-up for your newsletterhas been removed. Perhaps you’ve closed it.
    Thanks for the great books. Awesome entertainment.

  9. I’d like to send a photo of an “American Vietnam combat monkey”. A regional Chinese newspaper had this photo and claimed that we used monkeys im Vietnam.

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