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My name is Ken Decroo, and I’ve been wandering the Baja Peninsula for over 50 years. I keep coming back to this land and its people as though she were a mistress–she has the unique ability of reclaiming herself and keeping the core of her character, and has been a centering, constant support for me in a high-speed, plugged-in world. More at Welcome!

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Come join me! I will be speaking at BMW Motorcycles of Riverside Tomorrow (Oct 8) at 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM.

 O P E N  H O U S E 
 Like No Other! 
OCTOBER 8th  10:00 am to 4:00 pm
You don’t want to miss this Open House.*
New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route Movie Continuous running (120 minutes run time)
Schedule of events
10:30 am – Riding in Mexico seminar – Ken DeCroo
11:30 – Noon – Bike Contests – Win Prizes
  • Dirtiest GS Contest
  • Most “Farkled” Bike contest
  • R nineT Best Custom Bike
12:00 – 1:30 (or as long as they lasts) Tacos and More by Gloria
2:00 pm – S-L-O-W Race – Bring your balance skills
2:30 pm – Riding in Mexico Seminar – Ken DeCroo
3:30 pm – Nav V GPS 101 Seminar – get the most out of your GPS
Meet Michael Payton, VP of Motorrad North America – Yes, the number 2 guy at BMW Motorrad.
Meet Ken DeCroo – BMW MOA Regional Coordinator and “Riding Mexico” subject matter expert.
Alt -Rider, Arai Helmets, Backcountry Discovery Routes – working to keeping our backcountry open, Blacks Swan Moto – Training and Tours, BMW North America, BMW MOA, Clearwater Lights
Garmin (NAV V GPS) and DeLorme (in-Reach) factory rep,
Parts Unlimited, Sena Bluetooth, Tucker Rocky,
Women in the Wind
* Missing this Open House will make you angry, don’t be angry.
BMW Motorcycles of Riverside, 7740 Indiana Ave, Riverside, CA 92504
Sent by dan@bmwmotorcyclesofriverside.com in collaboration with
Constant Contact
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Almost Human is on Kindle!

What happens when the line between ape and man is blurred?

To celebrate the Kindle edition of Almost Human, there is a great giveaway at Amazon. Here’s the link, Amazon Giveaway of Almost Human.

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Come Join us on Saturday, March 19, 2016!

Ken Decroo, BMW MOA SoCal Regional Coordinator will do some raffles and talk about the National Rally coming this July in Hamburg, NY.


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Autographed Copy of Almost Human is Available for Christmas!

My humble suggestion for the perfect Christmas gift!

What happens when the line between ape and man is blurred?

Click here to purchase: Almost Human a novel by Kenneth L. Decroo

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Almost Human is Live on Kindle!

Click here: Almost Human on Kindle!

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Kev’s Great Indie Authors – Interview with Kenneth L. Decroo


Front cover photo/graphics by Casey Whitesell

Thanks so much to Kev’s Great Indie Authors for an insight interview! 

Click here for the interview. 

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The Cover Design of Almost Human

What happens when the line between ape and man is blurred?

Cover by Casey Whitesell

Many readers, as well as fellow authors, have asked me who designed the cover of Almost Human. 

Casey Whitesell, period! Casey is amazing. After turning down several cover proofs from my publisher, I was very frustrated. I shared this with my friend Casey. She reminded me that she was a graphic artist and offered to give it a go.

I showed her a photograph of a chimp I had trained years ago, Oliver, who had been the inspiration of this book. I described how I wanted the cover dark and sinister, and that the eyes were especially important. She created the perfect cover with little drama or fanfare. The publisher loved the cover and recommended it over their in house art department.

Readers have told me that Casey’s cover was what intrigued them enough to take the plunge and try my book.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Almost Human by Kenneth L. Decroo

Almost Human

by Kenneth L. Decroo

Giveaway ends September 18, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

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More Lessons Learned From Book Signings

Book Signing - Hot Shots

sBook Signing at Hot Shots Coffee House

I was honored to do two book signings in my hometown this last weekend. I wondered what it would be like to personally know many of the attendees believing that in most cases you can never be a prophet in your own land. Many of my signings on the tour were very successful with large numbers coming out who had already read, Almost Human. I wondered if this would be the case in my hometown.

At both events, I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the turnout and number of readers. I mentioned in a previous posting some lessons I had learned from my first book signing. Well, here’s another reason to do these personal appearances. You never know who you might meet.

The two I did this last weekend were both at coffee shops, Hot Shots Coffee House and The Tea and Coffee Exchange. They are excellent businesses in my hometown area of Lake Arrowhead, California. I highly recommend both!

While many of the people who attended were locals who I knew, some brought friends who I’d never met. While some bought books for which I’m grateful, others turned out to be beneficial contacts to promote my book. One was a fellow author who invited me to speak at a local writers’ group I’ve been trying to contact for a considerable time; another, was a producer of a TV program that might feature my book.

So the new lesson I’ve learned is book signings are not about selling books so much as making a personal connection with people who might help you grow your book. These people are your readers or potential readers who will have a stronger connection to you and your work by meeting face to face. That is how loyalty is built.

I will never complain to my wife, Tammy, again about doing one of these events again!

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Lessons Learned From My First Book Signing

Book signing at Del Rio, Gold Hill, Oregon

Del Rio Vineyards and Winery, Gold Hill, Oregon

 I had no idea what to do at a book signing and stressed over my first one. As a writer, I’m embarrassed to say that I had never attended one in my life!

My first one was at a winery, Del Rio, in Gold Hill, Oregon. It was a beautiful setting. Fortunately, I was asked what inspired me to write the book. So I gave the backstory of the book. That went on for a while and then I opened it to Q/A. Questions ranged from details of the book to training wild animals in the movies to the craft of writing. We were there a good three hours. So this has become my formula now. Oh! I got a lot of free glasses of a very good Merlot as well! 

Book Signings are very important, not so much to sell books directly but to make a personal connection with readers and to build a buzz; word of mouth to capture new readers. Your readers bring friends and tell friends about your work. You know a signing is going well when people begin tweeting their friends to come join them.

I have two book signings coming up this weekend; Hot Shots Coffee House in Blue Jay, Ca. (SAT. 8/29, 4 PM to 6 PM) and The Tea and Coffee Exchange in Lake Arrowhead, Ca. (Sun. 8/30, 10 AM to noon).

Now, I actually look forward to these events as I get to meet readers and learn about their experience with my book.

Autograph copies of Almost Human may be ordered at the following link, https://bajamotoquest.com/2015/07/14/second-edition-is-available/

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