I Have a New Article Out!

I have a new article out in the June 2017 issue of the BMW MOA magazine.

Click here to read my take on Moto Camping: The Essential Guide to Camping





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4 thoughts on “I Have a New Article Out!

  1. Very cool! Congrats on publishing your article. My family loves camping but my kids are especially fond of using our camper. It sounds really glamorous but it’s not. We bought it on a salvage title and it leaks like a sieve when it rains. (It almost always rains when we camp. Oh, the irony!)

    • Us too, It always rains at least once while we’re out on a long distance ride. At least our rain gear doesn’t leak. Thanks for reading my article. Warm regards!

  2. That’s the thnkiing of a creative mind

  3. I have a new article out

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