Lessons Learned From My First Book Signing

Book signing at Del Rio, Gold Hill, Oregon
Del Rio Vineyards and Winery, Gold Hill, Oregon

 I had no idea what to do at a book signing and stressed over my first one. As a writer, I’m embarrassed to say that I had never attended one in my life!

My first one was at a winery, Del Rio, in Gold Hill, Oregon. It was a beautiful setting. Fortunately, I was asked what inspired me to write the book. So I gave the backstory of the book. That went on for a while and then I opened it to Q/A. Questions ranged from details of the book to training wild animals in the movies to the craft of writing. We were there a good three hours. So this has become my formula now. Oh! I got a lot of free glasses of a very good Merlot as well! 

Book Signings are very important, not so much to sell books directly but to make a personal connection with readers and to build a buzz; word of mouth to capture new readers. Your readers bring friends and tell friends about your work. You know a signing is going well when people begin tweeting their friends to come join them.

I have two book signings coming up this weekend; Hot Shots Coffee House in Blue Jay, Ca. (SAT. 8/29, 4 PM to 6 PM) and The Tea and Coffee Exchange in Lake Arrowhead, Ca. (Sun. 8/30, 10 AM to noon).

Now, I actually look forward to these events as I get to meet readers and learn about their experience with my book.

Autograph copies of Almost Human may be ordered at the following link, http://bajamotoquest.com/2015/07/14/second-edition-is-available/

Author: Baja Moto Quest!

I am an educator who came out of retirement to consult with school districts, but I also live to ride my R1200GSA motorcycle as much as I can especially in Baja! In fact, without those adventures into the outback of Baja, I wouldn't be able to give my all at work or write. I've written a novel, Almost Human which was published recently and am working on the sequel, More Than Human.

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  1. Hi Ken/Tammy. Just found your blog, reading your saga of book signings:). Nice. We feel blessed getting our “Almost Human”, as we did in Billings, Montana. Crossing paths at that campground in Idaho, never knew we’d become linked a bit closer as it all turned out. Fun times on the road this Summer 2015. Meeting the most enjoyable folks, as we travel on the BMWs.. I really need the inspiration to do my own bio book writing and maybe someday just get after that task:). Looking forward to our meeting again someday, somewhere… Happy Trails, Ride On. Randy/Gini

    1. Polarbear! Randy, you guys were the inspiration of my “Pay It Forward” posting on the blog. It is mutual to meet such quality people like you and Gini on the road. See you at the open house in Fresno!

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