What the Hell is a Book Signing/reading?

My friend, Jason, sent the perfect photo of how I read! Pacifico is a great
My friend, Jason, sent the perfect photo of how I read! Pacifico is a great “learning aid.”

Tomorrow, Sunday, July 12, at 3pm, I will do my first book signing/reading at Del Rio Vineyards and Winery in Gold Hill, Oregon.

I honestly don’t have a clue of what you do at one of these things. My agent was not much help as she suggested I “just be myself and sell books.”

I have to say that all the marketing part of the publishing business is a real mystery to me. I didn’t realize how much time I would be pulled away from writing my sequel, More than Human, to fulfill obligations that were in the “small print.” While it will be exciting to meet people in person who have read my book,  Almost Human, I am really nervous about doing this as I am completely out of my element. It borders on embarassing to me.

I plan to give the backstory of what inspired me to write the novel and some of what is behind the characters. Maybe talk about the craft of writing and answer questions if there are any.

I would love advice and suggestions. My reading is at 3pm tomorrow. HELP! 

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I am an educator who came out of retirement to consult with school districts, but I also live to ride my R1200GSA motorcycle as much as I can especially in Baja! In fact, without those adventures into the outback of Baja, I wouldn't be able to give my all at work or write. I've written a novel, Almost Human which was published recently and am working on the sequel, More Than Human.

9 thoughts on “What the Hell is a Book Signing/reading?”

  1. I’ve been to a few talks by writers, and I think the best ones are those which contain an early joke or funny anecdote to soften up the audience, and those who were passionate about the book they had written.
    Good luck!
    Best, Matt

  2. Ken, you are a Pro!! You can talk to anyone about anything and inspire them!! I still remember the first time that I met you, over 30 years ago. You just have to be yourself, welcome them and go into why you started writing this novel. Hearing about your life experience alone will make them never want to leave let alone you reading excerpts from the book. You are amazing!! These readers will never forget this book signing, guarantee it!!

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