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As many of you know, I’m participating in a writing blog, Writing 101. We are to work on describing a setting; a place we would like to be transported.

There are two places I like to be–on two wheels going fast or on the deck of a ship far out to sea in a storm. I saw this as an opportunity to share the beginning paragraph of my first chapter of my novel, Almost Human. It will be released in May 2015.

I would love feedback on if I’ve succeeded in setting the tone of the story with my description of setting. So for better or worse, I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1 – Somewhere off the coast of Equatorial Africa, 1938

Malice brewed far out in the Southern Atlantic, where two winds met from different quarters of the world. At first, they stalked each other, blowing blasts between calms as they circled. But in the dying embers of sunset in the empty spaces of the Equator, they combined with a force that turned the calm tropical seas of summer into a caldron of froth and fury. A storm was gathering. It brooded alone for a while, gathering its force until it sent out the first signals of doom at dawn with steep running swells that raced out from the eye. They grew in force with each mile, forming giant walls of death which caught the shipping lanes asleep.

Author: Baja Moto Quest!

I am an educator who came out of retirement to consult with school districts, but I also live to ride my R1200GSA motorcycle as much as I can especially in Baja! In fact, without those adventures into the outback of Baja, I wouldn't be able to give my all at work or write. I've written a novel, Almost Human which was published recently and am working on the sequel, More Than Human.

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    1. Many thanks! The Book Blogger is one of my favorite reads everyday. You showcase some real gems which is important if you’re a writer. Writers write but they also read to stay in touch with their craft!

  1. Just like you, this story is going to amazing!! I have been anticipating it for years now!! I am so excited. When can we read the rest?

    1. Very kind of you to say, Stefini. In a way, you were part of the story as I draw much from the Wild Animal Training Center days. Almost Human will be out next month according to my agent. I will post something when it is.

      1. I would never dare to call myself a poet! In my personal opinion, writing a novel is a daunting task that I have never been able to successfully complete (not through lack of trying) so I always put novelist on the highest rung of the ladder

  2. Sounds great — paints a very descriptive picture and stirs the soul at the same time ! Send us more !

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