I Wish Ernest Hemingway Could Write My Biography

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ghostwriter.”

A young, aspiring author once asked Papa how he could become a great writer like him. His answer defined my life. He replied that you must first live a life worth writing about.

I have tried to do that and would feel a man like Hemingway who did the same would be the perfect person to write my biography.

His economy of words might go something like this, “He tried to live life’s adventure with purpose.”

Author: Baja Moto Quest!

I am an educator who came out of retirement to consult with school districts, but I also live to ride my R1200GSA motorcycle as much as I can especially in Baja! In fact, without those adventures into the outback of Baja, I wouldn't be able to give my all at work or write. I've written a novel, Almost Human which was published recently and am working on the sequel, More Than Human.

5 thoughts on “I Wish Ernest Hemingway Could Write My Biography”

  1. I often find myself scrolling through your blog in toatal amazement, wondering how it is possible for one human being to do ALL THAT!! And I agree with Donna, you could write your own biography quite successfully

    1. You’re very kind, Daleen. I just don’t watch much TV. 🙂 I have a novel coming out in the Spring 2015, Almost Human. It is an adventure, thriller set in the world of wild animal training; research labs, circuses, motion pictures. I will post something when it comes out. Oh, it is NOT an autobiograpy!

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